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Connected Church (Huntsville, AL)

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Ramona Burroughs serves with her husband, Mark Burroughs, Senior Pastor of Connected Church. Connected is a non-denominational ministry in the Huntsville/Madison, AL area, dedicated to introducing individuals to a sustained, relevant, and productive relationship with God. The mission statement of the church is "Awaken to Purpose, Mobilize to Mission". Put simply, we believe that realizing and receiving God’s love makes you new and inspires you to be a blessing to others.

The mission of the church is accomplished through what we call Connect 4: Connecting people to 1) God, 2) Purpose, 3) Fellowship, and 4) Service.

Connected Church offers several ministries, including the men's ministry (Connected Strength), women's ministry (Connected Grace), and campus ministry (Connect Community Group), and offers community education and enrichment courses. Additional information and meeting schedules may be found on the church website and social media.

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Pastor Mark & Ramona Burroughs

Connected Grace (Women's Ministry)
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Ramona Burroughs serves as the Lead of the Connected Grace Women's Ministry, a place for women to "refresh, reflect, and renew in the things of God". Through social media platforms and in-person meetings, conferences, and events, women receive biblical instruction along with best practice information and resources, to propel them into their God-given purpose, relationships, careers/businesses - full and fulfilling lives that reflect the Grace of God.

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